This contract contains the necessary rules for you to benefit from the services on our site.


1. The Parties

This SEANZYGAME User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the 'User Agreement'), which consists of documents and annexes (ANNEX-1 Privacy Policy) referred to by this agreement and the contract, are an integral part of the agreement, between SEANZYGAME and the User who is a member of the Site, It is arranged in order to become a member of the Site and the agreement is approved by the User in the electronic environment where the relevant Site is located.

User; As a member of the site, it accepts, declares and undertakes that it has read the entire User Agreement, understood its content completely and approved all its provisions.

2. Definitions

User: Real or legal person who is a member of the Site and who benefits from the Services offered on the Site within the conditions specified in this agreement.

Site: Products created by the website SEANZYGAME, consisting of the domain name and its subdomains affiliated to this domain.

3. Subject and Scope of the Contract

The subject of the User Agreement is the determination of the Services offered on the Site, the conditions for using these Services and the rights and obligations of the parties.

The scope of the User Agreement is the declaration such as warning, writing and explanation made by SEANZYGAME regarding the usage, membership and the Services contained in the Site, and these annexes and attachments. By accepting the terms of the User Agreement, the User accepts all kinds of statements declared by SEANZYGAME regarding the usage, membership and the Services within the Site. The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she will act in accordance with all kinds of matters stated in the mentioned statements.

4. Membership and Terms of Service Use

a) Membership is completed by the registration of the person who wants to become a User from the relevant section of the Site by sending the necessary credentials to become a member of the Site and the approval of the registration process by SEANZYGAME. Before the membership process is completed, the right and authority of being the User defined in this contract cannot be obtained.

b) In order to become a member of the Site, it is necessary to be a minor and not be temporarily withdrawn or banned indefinitely by SEANZYGAME pursuant to article 5.2 of this contract. As a minor or as stated above, pursuant to article 5.2 of this contract, the persons who have been temporarily dismissed or banned from membership by SEANZYGAME will not result in being a member of the Site.

5. Rights and Obligations

5.1. User's Rights and Obligations

a) User; While performing the membership procedures, benefiting from the Services of the Site and performing any transactions related to the Services on the Site, it will act in accordance with all the terms in the User Agreement, the rules specified in the relevant parts of the Site and all applicable legislation, It accepts, declares and undertakes that it understands and approves all the terms and rules stated.

b) The User shall be authorized to disclose his / her confidential / private / commercial information to both the official authorities and the rightful persons, in accordance with the mandatory legislative provisions in force, or in cases where the rights of other Users and third parties are allegedly infringed, and therefore from SEANZYGAME. accepts, declares and undertakes that no compensation can be claimed under any name.

c) The issues related to the security, storage, keeping away from the information of third parties and use of the system access tools (User name, password etc.) used by the Users in order to benefit from the Services offered by SEANZYGAME are completely under the responsibility of the Users. SEANZYGAME does not have any direct or indirect responsibility for the damages faced by the Users and / or third parties due to any negligence and defects in the issues such as keeping the security of the users logging into the system, keeping them away from the information of third parties, and using them.

d) Users accept, declare and undertake that the information and content provided by them within the Site are correct and lawful. SEANZYGAME is not responsible and liable for investigating the accuracy of the information and content transmitted by Users to SEANZYGAME or uploaded, modified or provided by them through the Site, as well as undertaking and warranting that such information and contents are safe, correct and lawful. and cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by the content being incorrect or inaccurate.

e) Users may not transfer their rights and obligations under the User Agreement partially or completely to any third party without the written consent of SEANZYGAME.

f) Those who use the Services offered by SEANZYGAME and those who use the Site may only operate on the Site for lawful purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility of the users in every transaction and action within the Site belongs to them. Each User shall not duplicate, copy, distribute, distribute, copy, distribute images, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists on the Site, in a manner that infringes on the in-person or personal rights or assets of SEANZYGAME and / or another third party, It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not operate, and that it will not compete directly and / or indirectly with SEANZYGAME either by these actions or by other means. SEANZYGAME cannot be held responsible in any way, directly and / or indirectly, for any damages incurred or may suffer by third parties due to the activities of the Users on the site in violation of the provisions of the User Agreement and / or the law. On the contrary, SEANZYGAME reserves all kinds of lawsuits, complaints and recourse rights.

5.2. Rights and Obligations of SEANZYGAME

a) SEANZYGAME reserves the right to change the Services and content offered on the Site at any time. SEANZYGAME can exercise this right without any notice and without prejudice.

b) SEANZYGAME is not responsible for typographic errors in the prices of products on the Site.

c) Products on the SEANZYGAME site may experience snapshots. In this case, the user; The prices are valid at the moment when they see the price from the site, pay the fee to us, and notify us about the payment, write the name of the product that we want to buy or place the product on the account.

d) If the price of a product exceeds more than one place on the SEANZYGAME homepage; If the product prices differ in the instant messaging program (msn) or in the categories within the site, the price in the expensive place always applies.

e) SEANZYGAME may "link" to other websites and / or portals, files or content owned and operated by other third parties through the Site. These 'links' may be provided to Users by SEANZYGAME for the sake of ease of reference only, and are not intended to support the website or the person operating the site or to any kind of statement or warranty regarding the website or the information it contains. SEANZYGAME is not responsible for the portals, websites, files and content accessed through the "links" on the site, the services or products offered from the portals or websites accessed through these "links" or their content.

f) Virus, trojan as SEANZYGAME on Site. We can assure you that we do not have Ad aware (ad hosting prog.). However, SEANZYGAME also sells the codes related to Metin-2 Bot, Silkroad Bot, which it sells from time to time, and all new programmers that may come after that. These programs may host ad aware from time to time. Some antivirus programs may perceive this as a malicious programmer. Therefore, SEANZYGAME cannot be held responsible. Also, the use of these game bots are cheat programs that are not welcomed by each game's own company. Game administrators may warn, ban (terminate) these bot users from time to time. Therefore, SEANZYGAME cannot be held responsible. Bot download programs on our site are provided by linking the bots from their official sites or neutral hosting sites that we upload. SEANZYGAME cannot be held responsible for downloads where the user may experience problems in some way. Anyone who downloads these files is deemed to have accepted these terms.

g) SEANZYGAME from time to time, credit card etc. may use auctions or sales from,, or similar sites for the use of virtual cards.

The purchases you make from there will be based on the rules of the host site and the contracts signed by the members when they become members. The products to be sold from these sites are strictly limited to the following. Online Games In-Game Service Fee, Game Coupons, In-Game Codes can be sold. As SEANZYGAME, we state that we cannot accept responsibility for any product other than these products. Apart from that, all products sold from such external sites have nothing to do with SEANZYGAME.

h) Users of some game companies feel the need to get help from SEANZYGAME because they do not have their own credit cards or do not know the way of purchase. In these cases, SEANZYGAME is required to get the user ID password (username and password), the product, game money, game code, in-game service etc. by loading it back to the user. This process is followed by "SEANZYGAME Installed. The transaction is OK. You can login to your account. You are responsible for the moment. You are responsible for changing your password for security reasons". As of now, SEANZYGAME cannot be held responsible for that character.

i) As SEANZYGAME, we mediate the products of some game companies. This happens from time to time with Premium game codes, sometimes with in-game service. In many games that can be played through Facebook, in-game service fees are also delivered to the users. These deliveries are delivered to the user by getting the account information. In these cases, SEANZYGAME is required to get the user ID password (username and password), the product, game money, game code, in-game service etc. by loading it back to the user. "SEANZYGAME Installed. The transaction is OK. You can login to your account. You are responsible for the moment. You are responsible for changing your password for security reasons". Sometimes game manufacturers may suspect (account termination) or penalize users with suspicion of entry from different IPs or similar situations. SEANZYGAME is not responsible for this situation.

j) The rate of in-game service (Game money) cannot be less than 20.000.000 (Twenty Million) in the games produced by Zynga that can be played from Facebook.

k) SEANZYGAME may use the User information on the Site or the User information related to membership, User security, performance of its own obligation and some statistical evaluations. They can classify and maintain on a database.

l) SEANZYGAME does not work as mediator or arbitrator in disputes arising between Users and manufacturers within the scope of the Services provided on the Site.

m) Users and SEANZYGAME are legally independent parties. There is no partnership, agency or employee-employer relationship between them. As a result of the approval and implementation of the User Agreement, no partnership, agency or employee-employer relationship is born.

6. Payments and Refunds via SEANZYGAME and Other Payment Channels (WeePay)

1) Payments and Refunds via SEANZYGAME a) Users are obliged to keep documents such as Bank Receipts, ATM (Automatic Transfer Machine) receipts after the payments. If required, it will be requested from you. SEANZYGAME is not responsible for the payments made in cases such as not being submitted.

Thanks to the explanations you will write in the payments, your payments will be processed in your accounts. However, SEANZYGAME is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of missing / incorrect entries.

b) When the user wants to send money to him, he is obliged to check the accuracy of the account number he has given. The sender (SEANZYGAME) can send without confirming the account number and name disputes. In such cases, the first account number written by the user is valid. SEANZYGAME is not responsible for such errors.

c) Users can only request payment to their personal bank account. They cannot request money for a different or someone else's account number.

d) If the user requests Gold by purchasing Gold (Game Money) for the money on his site in mobile or bank investments by selling it back to us, the rest and waiting period for this is at least 7 Business Days.

e) Payments must be entered into the account and notified to us within 3 calendar days. 3 SEANZYGAME cannot be held responsible for payments that have not been confirmed and notified to us after the calendar day.

If the payments made to our accounts are deemed appropriate within 3 business days, the refund will be made to the account determined within a maximum of 3 business days. The costs will be deducted from the user's money to be returned.

If the money deposited in the account is requested back in cash:

ID of the payer, receipt, one fixed telephone;

For Mobile Payments:

ID of the payer

If the loaded Mobile Phone is on Line, the line owner's invoice for the last 1 month,

If it is prepaid, the original prepaid card of the loaded credit, IMEI Number,

Proof that the line is the actual owner (can be obtained from the Notary or Gsm Operator).

For transactions made with a Credit Card:

Identification copy of the payer, Statement of the Credit Card for the last month (It will be the Stamp of the Bank)

we ask for one fixed phone number to our e-mail address below.

A PETITION (with Wet Signature) with justified justification for the application in order to reach the results quickly

It is mandatory to join with.

SEANZYGAME may ask you for a residence when necessary.


Even if the receipt information is written to us or if the receipt is scanned and sent to us by e-mail, SEANZYGAME can request the original of the receipt by cargo or letter to the letter address, at the shipping address of the sender.

f) In the payment requests made after the purchase of SEANZYGAME Gold (Game Money), the active expenses on the requested page are deducted from the balance to be sent.

g) When the user requests money, it is deemed to have accepted that the account number given is correct and that it belongs to that bank. SEANZYGAME is not responsible for incorrect account numbers. 10 Lira is deducted from the money returned to our account.

h) If the user wants money back to him, except for the shopping in his SEANZYGAME account, the money left in his balance cannot be under 5 liras.

i) Do not forget to take your receipt, that is, your Data Processing Receipt. If you tell us the Transaction Code written on it, we can check that you have made the payment. Delivery is not made without any deconnaissance, do not lose. If our operator feels abuse in the conversation with us from the live support line or if you try to have a delivered product for the second time with a single payment; you have to apply with a copy of the payer's identity card, a receipt, a fixed telephone number and a detailed petition (with a wet signature) that gives detailed information about the situation.

j) Even if the receipt information has been sent to us in writing or if the receipt has been scanned and sent to us by e-mail, SEANZYGAME may request the original of the receipt to you by courier or letter to the postal address at the shipper's shipping fee.

k) In the consumer rights return rules, a product cannot be arbitrarily returned and money cannot be recovered. Refunds are only valid if they fall within the scope of the defective goods. Payments are for shopping purposes only. Admittedly, SEANZYGAME is not a bank or a bank-like organization. Unless the balance added by payment is strictly due to the dispute of both parties, they will not be returned without the approval of the Prosecutor's Office.

m) SEANZYGAME may ask you to share your information (Identity Card, Driver's License, Passport and receipt) with your high-level payments or cash requests made to our site. 2) Payments and Refunds via WeePay; "Additional Terms and Conditions; EULAs are responsible for your purchase when you use WeePay.CO (hereinafter referred to as" WeePay service provider) to make a purchase on our website, WeePay until the product you purchased is delivered to you. CO will pass. The WeePay service provider accepts the primary responsibility for payment support and customer support associated with payment, along with our support. With respect to customers making purchases, (i) WeePay services provider's Privacy Policy must apply to all payments and be reviewed before any purchase, and (ii) WeePay services The i Provider's Return Policy is valid for all payments, unless a clear notice is made to the buyers by the respective provider. In addition, purchases for certain products are made by shoppers; require that you accept one or more End User License Agreements (or "EULAs) that may contain additional rules set by the product provider rather than our or WeePay service providers. Any EULA you accept will be binding for you. We and / or organizations selling products using WeePay services on our website are primarily responsible for warranty, maintenance, technical or product support services. We and / or the pendants selling products on our website are primarily responsible for the completion of the orders and the obligations regarding EULAs accepted by the End User Customer. The WeePay services provider is responsible for facilitating your payment. Depending on the fees arising from your relationship with payment services providers or taxes imposed by local customs officials or other regulatory agencies; You are responsible for all fees, taxes, or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of the products you choose.

7. Delivery Times

If there is a problem in stocks or if the stocks are exhausted at the end of fast sales during the day, your money is kept in your loan by SEANZYGAME, but it is given back on demand. (This period is limited to a minimum of 5 Minutes and a maximum of 72 Hours.)

8. Misuse of Game Codes; SEANZYGAME is not obliged to send a new code in case the delivered codes are used incorrectly.

b) It is stated on the website of SEANZYGAME that you should not talk to anyone in the Game Money Orders orders. It is not SEANZYGAME, since fraudsters in the game cheat users, open char on nicknames similar to the recipient nick, wait for Gold by waiting for Gold to cheat through similar nicknames (nicknames), if the gold (in-game service) gives the same money to the scam with similar nicknames the user is directly responsible.

c) In your Game Money Orders, sometimes by opening account names similar to the account name of our character who delivers Gold or YANG (game money) to you (Example: if we delivered it with AABBCC, with a character named cheater 44BBCC) you will receive Gold (game money) after your delivery. "There was a problem, give it back then you will get it again" and so on. they can ask for lies back. Unfortunately, this fraud method is currently the biggest problem for game money dispensers. In this case, SEANZYGAME is not responsible for the Gold (game coins) that the user delivers at his own request and free will.

d) For "USKO" and "EUKO" at the market establishment point Knight Online, it is right next to the bank in "Folk Village" and the Blue Flag is next to the 1st village guard in Metin2 and the Blood Ice Ch14 Officer Side in Silkroad Online. (including atlas serveri ch8) SEANZYGAME is not responsible for Gold (game money, in-game service), which are delivered to someone else or similar nickname as a result of chars not found here.

d) If a code is not working, it is sent to the manufacturer for inspection. The response will be at least 72 Hours after 30 business days. In this case, the customer is obliged to wait.

f) In Knight Online, Metin2 and Silkroad Online games such as SEANZYGAME indicates that he / she has made Game Money Delivery, Delivery is deemed to have occurred because in-game virtual delivery is made. He cannot hold SEANZYGAME responsible for this.

g) g) In games like Knight Online, Metin2 and Silkroad Online, we may sometimes ask you for your username and password so that we can receive Game Money, until you confirm that we have received Game money from the account until the transfer process is completed, you are responsible. SEANZYGAME is not responsible for post-delivery account banning, blocking, closing, SEANZYGAME is not responsible for the game ban or ban from the game or player until it is sold, until it sells the product it purchases to another customer.

h) In the purchase of game money, it is deemed that the user has set up a market in his place or waits ready, and that the nickname is committed when the first order is made, for any reason this situation cannot be changed and the order cannot be canceled.

i) Rollback (Geri Püskürtme) Hk: Bazı durumlarda geçmişte de görüldüğü üzere Knight Online Oyunu ya da buna benzer oyun parası kullanan tüm oyunlarda, oyunun bir sunucusunda çıkan aksaklık neticesinde Knight Online GM (Game Master- Oyun Yöneticileri)’leri bazı yer değiştiren Gold (oyun içi hizmet)’leri güvenlik gerekçesi ile eski karakterlere geri göndermiştir. Her zaman geri gelen Gold (oyun paraları)’ler bizim elimize ulaşmıyor. SEANZYGAME Rollback benzeri durumlarda kesinlikle Gold (oyun içi hizmeti) ya da para iadesi yapmayacaktır. Gold (Oyun parası) bizden çıktıktan sonra satın alan oyuncuların sorumluluğuna geçmektedir. SEANZYGAME den Gold (oyun paraları)’ler kullanıcılara geçtiği andan itibaren sorumluluk kullanıcıya aittir.

j) When the game money is delivered to us, instant changes of the site prices, any dispute, etc. In cases such as customer withdrawal, if the customer wants to return the game money: (before we buy and send the money and our shopping is completed) some of the products given so far are deducted from the customer (seller) as workmanship and service fee. This rate cannot be less than 10%.

k) SEANZYGAME obtains and purchases Gold Bar (game money) from users. These usually occur via Trade, and sometimes through Merchant. SEANZYGAME informs us that when the user receives the product with a trade or market, the maximum amount he can receive is 21 Gold ( noah), after the user gives the first 21 Gold, the char is filled and we must put the Gold (play money) on the bank. it is difficult. If not, the excess Gold (game money) that we will receive will melt and SEANZYGAME is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to this.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1. How We Use Your Information

a) For financial and identity checks, fraud prevention checks, money laundering and credit checks.

b) For customer service, including answering questions and responding to feedback and complaints.

c) To increase the security of our services.

d) To inform you about changes in our services.

9.2. Protection Against Fraud

a) When you wish to receive payment, if we suspect that you are manipulating any third party bank account or when sending money to a seller's own account number, your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, IP address, and residence, depending on the other party's terms and type of payment. We may also send other personal information, such as address / city / country, to the relevant authorities to improve the payment process of the recipients, to reconcile payments through commercial transactions, or to carry out their own audits to prevent fraud or money laundering.

b) SEANZYGAME may use the information regarding the Users in accordance with the regulations in ANNEX-1 Privacy Policy section of this contract. SEANZYGAME is not used to third parties and institutions except for confidential information belonging to Users, such as fraud and money laundering in the User Agreement.

9.3. Money Laundering Protection

a) What am I being asked to do?

You may be asked to verify your identity and other personal information. SEANZYGAME may subject you to a special verification method to prove your identity and associate it with your bank account number. To maintain the reliability of our payment system, your SEANZYGAME account may be subject to periodic transaction limits, depending on your user status.

b) When?

Whether you are applying as a new user or have been a user for a while; you may be asked to verify your identity. Although our authentication system is designed to minimize any hassle for you, it may take several days to complete the verification process.

c) Why?

Crimes and terrorism need cash. Criminals turn the "dirty" cash they obtain from jobs such as fraud, gambling, theft into clean money by using false identities or by taking the names of innocent people like you. It is necessary for people to prove who they are, as they say, to fight crime and terrorism. This does not mean that doubts fall on you in any way. Information about your identity is kept confidential and helps prevent fraudulent use of your identity.

d) Who is concerned?

All organizations dealing with the laws and financial services of your country. All of them unite in determination to stop the spread of financial crimes as part of international efforts to prevent financial crimes and protect us from crime and terrorism.

10. Other Provisions

10.1. Intellectual Property Rights

a) All elements of the Site (including, but not limited to, design, text, image, html code and other codes) (copyrighted works of SEANZYGAME) belong to SEANZYGAME and / or by SEANZYGAME from a third party. used under the license right. Users may not resell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, duplicate, share or distribute SEANZYGAME information and the copyrighted work of SEANZYGAME, or allow anyone else to access or use SEANZYGAME's Services; otherwise, they will be responsible for meeting any and all other liabilities, including, but not limited to, the amount of compensation claimed by SEANZYGAME for damages incurred by third parties, including, but not limited to, licensors.

b) SEANZYGAME's SEANZYGAME information, SEANZYGAME copyrighted works, SEANZYGAME trademarks, SEANZYGAME commercial appearance or any material and intellectual property rights it owns through the Site, in-kind and personal rights, commercial information and Know-How All rights to.

10.2. Contract Changes

SEANZYGAME, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, may change this User Agreement by posting it on the Site at any time it deems appropriate. The changing provisions of this User Agreement will take effect on the date they are announced; the remaining provisions will remain in force and will continue to produce terms and results. This User Agreement cannot be amended by the User's unilateral declarations.

10.3. Force Majeure

In all cases deemed 'force majeure' by law, SEANZYGAME is not liable for late or incomplete or not performing any of its obligations determined by this User Agreement. For such and such situations, delay, incomplete performance or non-performance, or default for SEANZYGAME will not be deemed to be claimed or compensation under any name from SEANZYGAME for these situations. The term "force majeure" cannot be prevented, including but not limited to, natural disaster, riot, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet malfunctions, power outage and bad weather conditions, despite reasonable care, will be interpreted as unavoidable events.

10.4. Applicable Law and Authority

Turkish Law will be applied in the implementation, interpretation of this User Agreement and in the management of legal relations arising under its provisions. Yalova Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in case of any dispute arising out of or may arise from this User Agreement.

5.10. Termination of the Contract

This User Agreement will remain in effect as long as the User is a member of the Site and will continue to generate cross-party terms and results; It will be deemed to have expired in the event that the user's membership expires or the membership is suspended temporarily or permanently.

SEANZYGAME may terminate the agreement unilaterally in the event that Users violate this User Agreement and / or similar rules regarding the usage, membership and Services on the Site and especially in the cases listed below, SEANZYGAME will be liable to compensate for all damages incurred:

a) The User acts by using any method that may harm the functioning of the Site,

b) The user has the membership account created for him / her used by someone else,

c) The User is present in elephants that violate and / or threaten the rights of third parties,



As SEANZYGAME, we have adopted the principle of providing a safer internet environment to our registered users. For this reason, we have given our members various privacy rights to make them feel more comfortable.

a) Membership information and personal information you give to SEANZYGAME; will not be open to other members and third parties, except as described in the User Agreement. However, this information can be used within the SEANZYGAME site to determine the customer profile and to conduct statistical studies.

b) Only you, except SEANZYGAME, can access all the information you enter in the system and only you can change them. It is not possible for another member or User to access and change information about you.

c) You can notify SEANZYGAME of personal information requested from you during registration, except for those required, at your own initiative. If there is information you would not prefer to give to SEANZYGAME, you do not have to fill or mark these fields.

d) Operations such as activation, IP fixing and holding IP by mobile phone that we have configured for you, do not forget that SEANZYGAME aims to ensure that its customers shop safely. Example: Enter your TC ID number. Here the user can write a similar response that matches the TC Identity algorithm. Remember that banks ask you; The answer to the question "Enter your mother's surname before marriage" is only a password-password dilemma, and if you don't forget a different information to the bank for the first time, you can carry out your transactions with the same information (even if your answer is not really your mother's surname before marriage). SEANZYGAME never aims to learn a real secret question of the user with the question asked here. Even SEANZYGAME employees cannot access this information due to the Privacy Policy and encryption method. Your information / information on our site is protected by Hacker Safe - McAfee SECURE®. SEANZYGAME guarantees that this information cannot be shared with any institution. SEANZYGAME cannot be held responsible for the problems that users who cannot write a deceptive answer instead of entering real information here.

e) SEANZYGAME reserves the right to change the articles in this contract when necessary.

Yalova Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any dispute arising from this contract.


In the seven (7) days following the delivery of the product that the buyer has purchased to him or to the person he showed, the application must be submitted to our company by e-mail (instant messaging programs), online support or by phone, and the product is not used. by calling, you can request the return of the product.

The purchase prices of that day are valid for return conditions related to deliveries within the online game.

In addition, the return price of the product in question; The same type of payment will be offered to the buyer within seven (7) business days by the same type.

The E-Pin you have received is entirely owned by your organization or person, and is only provided by our company and partially provided by your technical support. Except for any technical defect related to the E-Pin you have received, no return is accepted.


Our privacy policy is available in our user agreement.



Our Service Agreement is available in our User Agreement.


Our Terms of Service are specified in our User Agreement ...


IN-GAME SERVICE: Account, character, char, item, gold bar (gold, bullion / game money) etc. All in-game material will be referred to in this contract as In-Game Service.


1) SITE: In-Game Service by establishing a bridge between Buyer and Seller; The company named SEANZYGAME on the domain, which carries out brokerage services for all of the in-game materials such as account, character, char, item, gold bar (gold, bullion / game money), will be referred to as Market in this contract.

2) SELLER: In-Game Service on the Site; Account, character, char, item gold bar (gold, bullion / game money) bv. Any third parties who create their in-game materials / all-related information and the promotional pages of the pictures and deliver them to their customers / customers will hereinafter be referred to as Buyers in this contract.

3) BUYER: In-Game Service on the Site; Account, character, char, item gold bar (gold, bullion / game money) bv. Any person or persons who will receive all of the in-game materials will be referred to as Buyer in the contract.


Article-1 The SELLER is obliged to pay 5000 € (Five Thousand Euros) compensation if he / she receives that he / she will not take back the account - character or account in any game he / she sells with the game support service.

Article-2 The SELLER is obliged to assist the buyer in any problems that may arise. After the sale is completed, your phone, name and surname information are shared with the buyer.

Article-3 The SELLER is also responsible for the character he sells or the previous seller of the account. In case of a withdrawal, he cannot show this as an excuse.

Article-4 The SELLER accepts the correctness of all the information of the announcement added to the MARKET announcements, the cancellation of the sale in case of lack of information and the responsibility of the legal sanctions that may occur. He / she should not remove the advertisement he / she added in the game or from a different provider, otherwise he / she should remove the advertisement from the MARKET provider. Therefore, the PURCHASER accepts all the legal sanctions that may occur.

Article-5 The SELLER agrees to keep the balance to be received from the account (character) that he sells for 24 hours for security purposes. MARKET management may request the identity information from the SELLER for verification as a result of the disputes that may arise in the delivery of the announcements. authentication and can wait until the problem is resolved.


Article-6 The BUYER accepts that the advertisement he has purchased through the MARKET is only between the MARKET and the responsibility after the sale belongs to him. After the sale is completed, the BUYER may request the name and surname and telephone information of the SELLER and may directly contact the SELLER in case of problems that may arise after the sale.

Article-7 BUYER is obliged to wait for the delivery of the announcement purchased through the MARKET until the delivery period. The purchase cannot be canceled unless there is an error in the advertisement information.

Article-8 BUYER may request the identity information from the MARKET management to make a verification as a result of the disputes that may arise in the delivery of the advertisement purchased through the BUYER. .MARKET may temporarily block its account. The BUYER can hold the payment he made until authentication and the problem is resolved. WEBSITE

Article-9 Yalova Courts are authorized on behalf of MARKET in disputes that may arise if the above conditions are not complied with.

Article-10 It reserves the right to file a lawsuit on behalf of the MARKET BUYER in disputes that may arise.

Article-11 SEANZYGAME .COM is not the owner or the seller of the products and / or services listed in the announcement market. SEANZYGAME.COM makes no representations, warranties, or commitments regarding the accuracy, quality, safety or legality of the content and services offered by users and the products and services offered for sale. It reserves the right to file a lawsuit on behalf of the MARKET BUYER in disputes that may arise.

This contract; It consists of 11 items. BUYER and SELLER are deemed to have accepted all the terms of the above 11 articles.